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Treatises, case law, Google…. what do they have in common? When you need answers, none of these will get you started faster than walking down the hall to chat with an expert. Down the Hall with Practical Law will host a panel of law firm and in-house law department leaders as well as Practical Law's editorial team that will feature plain English "What do I really need to know?" discussions and insights on trending legal topics. No legalese; just expertise.
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Nov 16, 2016

Trade associations, competitive research, HR activities . . . outside of the expected dangers in the merger and joint venture context, regular business dealings involving information about competitor activities are rife with potential for antitrust violations.  And the “rule of reason” approach taken by the FTC and DOJ can sometimes complicate, rather than clarify, appropriate conduct.  In this episode of Thomson Reuters: Down the Hall with Practical Law, Antitrust Service Head Janelle Wrigley discusses how to safely navigate the gray areas relating to interacting with competitors and gathering competitive information.